Master of Bay Area Metal, Thrash, Girl Bands and all things Twisted and Loud! Plus Wrestling and Comics.

The Toastmaster General. Friend of Rock Stars, TV Stars, Artists and Politicians. Host of RCTV live shows.

The Creator of RCTV. Usually behind the camera or reporting on festivals, rock shows, tech and media.

The movie star. Hollywood insider, TV wresting host and adult entertainment reporter.

The 420 reporter and expert on all things cannabis. Drummer, DJ and party animal!

The RCTV crypt keeper. Expert on horror films, creepy culture and oddities. And a girl band geek.


They bring you the best in metal, new rock, festivals and concerts in the Sacramento Area

Your Sacramento Producer and Host. Metal and rock reporting plus much more.

Your backstage host for metal concerts, festivals, underground culture events and more.


The Reality Check TV hosts and crew from the past -

still making guest appearances today.

The original Reality Chick. Backstage host for rock, metal and  the club scene.

An original Reality Check cameraman. Still covering the Bay Area music scene.

The original Reality Check Host and Co Creator of the Show!

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The Reality Check TV Hosts and Producers