REALITY CHECK TV has been part of many Rock n Roll Documentary Films. These films feature Danny Shipman, Ace Annese and other RCTV stars - Plus these films include footage from the RCTV archives!


Promotional video for the rock n roll cover band ROCK CANDY. Shot at Rock University in Sonoma, CA.


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Dark Beauty Magazine talks to Reality Check TV

2019 Hall Of Heavy Metal History Full Coverage

Vio-Lence reunion w/Gary Holt of Slayer/Exodus

Psychosomatic on Reality Check TV

Amaranthe's Elize Ryd on

Reality Check TV

Troma Film's Lloyd Kaufman at AVN

Keel's Marc Ferrari at NAMM 2019

Lee Kerslake (Ozzy/Uriah Heep) at Hall Of Heavy Metal History 2019

Kodiak at Hall Of Heavy Metal History Awards 2019

Megadeth's David Ellefson at NAMM

Nita Strauss(Alice Cooper band) at NAMM

Band vs Brand Premiere at Hall of Heavy Metal Ceremony @ NAMM 2019

RCTV #699: Hunter S. Thompson book signing

Episode # 699 entitled "The Hunt For Hunter"" At San Francisco's 111 Minna Gallery we cover Last Gasp Publishing's book release part for the reissue of the book "Who Killed Hunter S Thompson?" Various guests are on hand: Political satirist Will Durst,Senator Mark Leno, columnist blogger Broke-Ass Stuart,DJ Paul "the Lobster Wells", Musician Barry Melton of Country Joe and the Fish,Kathy Peck of H.E.A.R.,Houston Berry of Wonderland Gallery,Burlesque performer Lady Monster and Cable access star Dee Russell of "DeeDee TV",writer Edwin Heaven, musician/wrestler/author Bob Calhoun (aka: Count Dante) V. Vale or Re/Search Publications, Ron Turner of Last Gasp Publishing, Film maker Eric Christensen, author Peter Richardson and the authors who contributed to the book! Eugene "Dr. Hip" Schonfeld,Ben Fong Torres and professor Tim Ferris.

RCTV #658:Lemmy Statue Unveiling

At his favorite hang out the world famous Rainbow bar & Grill we witness the unveiling of a statue to the late great Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister of Motorhead!Involved in the Ceremony is Rainbow manager Todd Singerman, Wendy Dio, Lemmy's son Paul Inder,His Girlfriend Cheryl Keulman and others. We talk to various fans, Katon De Pena of Hirax who was responsible for getting the ball rolling on the statue with his wife Anne, statue maker Matt Glenn of big statues,Music producer,Bill Metoyer, Ira Black of Attika7,Roc-N'Roll gangstar model Thuy Ta, Actor Andrew Bryniarski who played Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, former pornstar Jasmin St Claire and more!

RCTV #353: Dracula Tour w/"Eddie Munster" (Butch Patrick)!

The Dracula tour! Reality Check TV travels all the way to Romania in Transylvania for the Dracula Tour, a real tour that happens a few times a year. We visit vampire themed restaurants, events, and see a reenactment of a witch trial --then visit the actual grave of Vlad Tempes, the real-life Dracula! The event is topped off with a Halloween party at the actual Castle Dracula, featuring celebrity guest Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster on the TV classic "The Munsters"!

RCTV # 702: KIllian On Command: An Evening of Vio-Lence

Our coverage of "KIllian on Command: An Evening of Vio-Lence". Sean Killian former lead singer of legendary Bay Area Thrash Band Vio-Lence, was diagnosed with stage four liver cirrhosis. The Bay Area Thrash Metal elite came together for a special event to raise money for his medical costs. Female fronted band Dress the Dead open the festivities followed by Bay Area thrash funkster Mordred. Then the main event - an All Star Bay Area tribute to Vio-Lence as various high profile musicians play classics by Vio-Lence. Featuring interviews and live performance clips by members of Testament, Exodus, Death Angel, D.R.I. Forbidden, Heathen, Sacrilege BC, Exhumed, Kaos, Psychosomatic, Mercenary, Valor and Vengeance, Skinlab, Blind Illusion, Hirax and more! Plus an exclusive interview with Sean Killian himself and a reunion performance by Vio-Lence with Rob & Phil of Machine Head.


Join Us For A Party - Rock n Roll Style!

Reality Check TV is infamous for it's live rock n roll parties! It  could be a celebration of our milestones, like our 600th Episode Party. Maybe a showcase for local metal bands. Or it could be another wild Reality Check Holiday 'Office Party' at a major club. Whatever the excuse, you know it will be a good time! Stay tuned for the next big Reality Check party coming soon to the Bay Area - and beyond!

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Reality Check TV is known for it's fine taste in - gonzo lifestyle! Stay tuned to Reality Check TV and keep your finger on our social media! You can win free concert tickets, free T Shirts and more! Just watch the show on Channel 29 in San Francsico or follow us on Facebook and you can be a big winner!



Rock Legend News August 2019 Issue features Bay Area Multi-Award Winning Rock Cable TV Show & Video Fanzine Reality Check TV with Danny Shipman, Ace Annese, Hugh Mackenzie, David Dragon.

Read all about it in this amazing multi page article that covers our past, present and future! All for YOU the video viewer! Click the cover !

Reality Check TV's DANNY in The TOXIC VAULT

with Steve ZETRO of Exodus - Click Here!

BITE - Gone to Far

Check out the latest music video "Gone To Far" with San Francisco's own BITE featuring Chelsea Rose! Shot right here in SF at the legendary Lennon Studios!

Reality Check TV's Ace Annese featured on

Die Laughing Records Podcast!

Episode 33 : Die Laughing Records Radio Podcast on RadioVegas.rocks features an interview with RCTV Host ACE ANNESE. Ace give you the latest happenings plus a bit of Reality Check TV history. The podcast also features great music, NEWS with Die Laughing Records founder DAVE DALTON and much more! Check it out now!

Reality Check TV scores another victory with clips that appear in the new epic four part documentary PUNK  airing on the EPIX channel. The doc is produced by Iggy Pop and John Varvatos.

Reality Check TV Clips appear in the new documentary PUNK airing on EPIX

Punk explores "the music, the fashion, the art and the DIY attitude of a subculture of self-described misfits and outcast." (Just like RCTV!) Check out our vintage footage of classic punk acts and a vintage interview with Billy Joe of Green Day by our own Ace Annese!

Reality Check TV quoted on


Reality Check TV is your source for all the behind the scenes info to complement your rock n roll life! Plus we even are noted as the source for the latest news! Check out these fine write ups on Blabbermouth.net:

Legendary Guitarist JOHN SYKES Splits With GOLDEN ROBOT RECORDS Without Releasing Long-Awaited New Album

JOHN SYKES Says His New Solo Record Is 'A Good, Solid Album': 'It's Not Just A Couple Of Tracks And A Load Of Fillers'

BATTLE BEAST's NOORA LOUHIMO Weighs In On BEAST IN BLACK, Confirms She Is Working On Solo Album

NEW MUSIC VIDEO by REALITY CHECK TV STUDIO  - Directed and Edited by Hugh MacKenzie

ROCK CANDY - Promo Video

Reality Check TV hits the road in January 2020 with NAMM and AVN !!

It's almost time for the annual road trip party with the Reality Check TV crew! This year your favorite conventions are on separate weeks so you can relax and have fun at NAMM (Jan.16-19) in Anaheim, CA and then hit AVN (Jan. 22-24) in Las Vegas!! Be sure to look out for Danny, Ace, Huge and Dave as the "Four Who Have Fun" will be looking for you! Get yourself hooked up for these events today!



Ace of Reality Check TV is on to talk about his TV show, local music, and street fairs. We will cover the best shows to see this Halloween season and play some local music. Maybe a few scary stories will be told too…. so tune in

Lilycat Podcast featuring Reality Check TV

Ace reveals the secrets of being a doorman in San Francsico to our pal, writer Broke Ass Stuart!

Greetings and Salutations, Earthlings! I am your friendly neighborhood Security Professional, more commonly referred to as a “Door Guy”. One thing I and many of my peers dislike is the term “Bouncer”.  Read my entire guest writer post on Broke Ass Stuart's official website!

It Has Been Proclaimed!

RCTV officially recognized as a Bay Area treasure!

Latest music video for the band INDESTRUCTIBLE BLOOD. Shot at Rock University in Sonoma, CA!


Who would have thunk that Reality Check TV would be officially recognized by the State of California for 30 Years of service to the art and cultural community? But yes, it has happened! Bear witness to the proclamations! With much thanks to Scott Wiener, Philip Teng, our fans, supporters, detractors, friends, fiends, in-laws and outlaws - we are now part of the illustrious history of California! When your grandchildren learn of the history of California, it wil be the indigenous people, the gold rush, silicon valley and Reality Check TV!!!



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Ace's Space Radio Returns



Reality Check TV also has candy for the ears!

The return of the mighty ACES'S SPACE RADIO SHOW.

Check outthe latest Podcasts live now on FCC Free Radio - A great podcast station filled with indepenent talk and music shows.