Band vs Brand gets Great Reviews

The Band Vs. Brand Documentary Film was released on Tuesday February 12, 2019. Reality Check TV / RCTV Studio had a big hand in this project (co-production, editing, post-production, archival footage/photos) with Hugh MacKenzie as Associate Producer / Editor and Danny Shipman as Producer / Editor. Many thanks to the mighty Bob Nalbandian, (best known for the INSIDE METAL documentary series) who is the Producer/Director of the film.

Dark Beauty Magazine talks to Reality Check TV

Reality Check TV is in the news again with our host Ace Annese. Check out the interview in Dark Beauty Magazine!


Our coverage of the3rd annual Hall Of Heavy Metal History we talk to Hall of HM History founder Pat Gesauldo another star of "Band Vs Brand." Chuck & Eric of Testament view the film. Bob Nalbandian hangs with Neeley of the Classic Metal show giving his review of the film and more of our Reality Chicks! An amazing night to honor the heros of Heavy Metal. Inductees included Testament. Lita Ford, David Ellefson, Saxon, Frank Bello, Mike Portnoy and more! RCTV was there....

Hall Of Heavy Metal History Full Coverage

Reality Check Wins Best of the Bay

Girl Band Geek Celebration

Reality Check TV is a big supporter of female fronted or all female bands! DDDanny and Skullsmasher are known as the Kings of The Girl Band Geeks. Check out this collection of our interviews that include clips with Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Cristina Scabbia, L7, Doro Pesch, Storm Inc, The Donnas, Hemi Cuda, and More!!!


Reality Check TV takes another 'Best of the Bay' Award for Best Locally Produced Television Show. Voted by the the fans all over the Bay Area and beyond the show is proud an honored by this award...

Band vs Brand Premiere at Hall of Heavy Metal Ceremony @ NAMM 2019

Reality Check TV Studios has been busy this year. Danny and Huge were the editing team for the brand new music documentary "Band vs Brand". When does a band become a brand? That question was put to a group of rock artists and insiders, many of whom are RCTV alumni. The Premier was at the Heavy Metal Hall of History award show in LA During NAMM week!





The original gonzo style documentary. A song inspires a documentary. Huge from Reality Check TV created a mini documentary way back in 1982 called Mall City - a critical document of Mall Culture in Long Island - back when folks actually hung out and socialized! Amazing footage! Amazing interviews with Mall People young and old! This is where Reality Check began!!

Mall City is blowing up on Youtube!!! Vintage Doc from 1982 by Huge!!!

Ginger Coyote heard that Reality Check TV was making the move from cable to broadcast to help the show celebrate their 25th Anniversary. Reality Check TV has given both Punk Globe and White Trash Debutantes so much support, She knew she had to find out more.

Ginger got a chance to speak with both Danny Shipman and Ace Annese about the move and to also reminisce about some the show's best moments...

In a definitive interview by one of the leading voices in punk and pop culture, get the dirt from the RCTV team!

The history! The triumphs! The shenanigans!


The Official 25th Anniversary Interview by Ginger Coyote !!

RCTV worked on a new documentary called Underbelly - Beneath the World of Porn (editing, producing, graphics). Wow! Two great premiers! One up in Chico, Ca, the big premier in Hollywood and one in Las Vegas! The Stars were out!

The film is getting stellar reviews from the adult film industry AND main stream press.

UNDERBELLY Film a HUGE success!!

PRETEND THAT WE'RE DEAD - The L7 Documentary

Fierce, feminist pioneers of American grunge punk, the L7: Pretend We're Dead documentary, directed by award-winning documentary filmmaker Sarah Price (American Movie, The Yes Men, Summercamp). Complete with footage and vintage interviews from Reality Check TV, the film features other interviews with Exene Cervenka (X), Krist Novoselic (Nirvana), Shirley Manson (Garbage), Louise Post (Veruca Salt), Joan Jett and more.


DEATH ANGEL - 'Thrash-umentary'

The extensive 2hr + documentary from these thrash legends tracing their humble origins, through the major label years, lineup changes, touring, and comeback. With vintage footage of the band and interviews from the Reality Check Archives! See a young Danny interview them at the Stone!! “It is with great excitement that I finally get to share this DEATH ANGEL news,” comments vocalist Mark Osegueda. The release will also include a full live album entitled 'THE BAY CALLS FOR BLOOD'.


Rock and Brews + KISS

First Stop in our annual January Jaunt - HALL OF HEAVY METAL HISTORY induction party to meet up with the gang. This year's inductees included RCTV pals Anvil, Munsey Ricci and Exodus - RCTV alumni Carmine Appice, Billy Sheehan, Nick Menza and Riot plus Lzzy Hale, Jordan Rudess, Metal Mike Chlasciak, Sammy Ash, Elliott Rubinson and Metal Legend Bill Ward of Black Sabbath.


It was a night of Thrash Metal with a heavy dose of Bay Area noise with the kids in Metal Allegiance - the all star line up includes Gary Holt, Mark Osegueda, Bobby Blitz, David Ellefson, Andreas Kisser, Alex Skolnick, Chuck Billy, John Bush, Mike Portnoy, Christina Scabbia, Nita Strauss, Mark Manghi.


Metal Allegiance in LA

After a night out at the Hall of Heavy Metal, it was the merry musical mayhem of the NAMM show. Danny, Ace and Huge tore through the event along with Reality Chicks® Yvonne, Yvonne's sister and Amy!! We got great interviews (and all the usual shenanigans you expect) coming soon on RCTV !!!

Killian On Command

Bay Area Metal legends gathered in the Killian on Command Tribute to Vio-Lence. The All-Star Line-Up consisted of original members from Vio-Lence, Testament, Exodus and Forbidden. RCTV Captured the show and amazing interviews the RCTV episode!


Heavy Metal Hall of History

The official grand opening of the newest Rock and Brews in Vacaville with Paul Stanley, rock photographer Mark Weiss, and local Troops and Veterans helped out by Operation: Care and Comfort. Coming soon on RCTV!!

A few choice moments to wet your appetite for our new episode covering the Adult Video News Show in Las Vegas. Tons of interviews and fun when your hosts go one on one with the stars!!

AVN in Las Vegas

RCTV Video Coverage


REALITY CHECK TV take you to the Hall of Heavy Metal History Party to meet the latest members of the Metal Community to be inducted! Meet BILL WARD (Black Sabbath), BILLY SHEEHAN, EDDIE TRUNK, RICK VENTURA and members of GIRLSCHOOL and DREAM THEATER.

Backstage Interviews, On Stage appearances and plenty of  spontaneous surprises!


REALITY CHECK TV take you to the 2017 Silicon Valley Comic Con hosted by none other than Silicon Valley Legend Steve Woziack. The Woz got the fans hooked up with Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams), Ann Robinson (War of the Worlds), Pat Priest (Marilyn Munster), Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow (Leave it to Beaver), Lana Wood (Bond Girl) and Keith Coogan!


@ the Heavy Metal Hall of History Show during NAMM week 2019 !

Reality Check TV Studios has been busy this year. Danny and Huge were the editing team for the brand new music documentary "Band vs Brand". When does a band become a brand? That question was put to a group of rock artists and insiders, many of whom are RCTV alumni.  Who's in the film? Check out the trailer to find out! When can you see the film? Be the first to check it out at the Heavy Metal Hall of History award show in LA During NAMM week! - JANUARY 23, 2019 - details to come!


Karla LaVey hosts the Annual Black X Mass Party Christmas Night!

When you get your fill of soggy stockings filled with melted chocolate, grumpy relatives, kids glued to their phones and grandma snoring in her eggnog - bust out of the house and get down to the 21st Annual Black X Mass! A fun filled evening hosted by RCTV Alumni Karla LaVey (daughter of Anton LaVey). Your MC for the evening is our own Ace Annese of RCTV! Amazing Acts! Thunderous Tunes! Giveaways! Free Cake! Plenty of Cheer!

DEC 25 starting at 9PM. Be there and get on our naughty list!!!




Reality Check TV Epic 700th Episode aired to rave reviews!! Featured on this milestone show are Richie Scarlet "The Emperor of Rock 'n' Roll" of Ace Frehley Band, Bill Ward founding member of Black Sabbath, and the amazing Paul Stanley of KISS!!! If you did not catch the program on SF Commons Comcast cable ch. 29 it is coming to Youtube and Daily Motion !

New York Rock book signing at

Green Apple Books 506 Clement St. SF Sat. Apr 8   6- 8 PM

Meet Authors Steven Blush

and Tony Mann

REALITY CHECK TV is a sponsor for the annual

Haight Ashbury Street Fair BATTLE OF THE BANDS. A Fundraiser for the Haight Ashbury St. Fair. It's RCTV Sponsored and Supported.

We do it every year at LENNON REHEARSAL STUDIO   271 Dore Street, SF

Fun! Prizes! Loud Noise!

Check out the bands that have played -

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The Vote is in! The REAL NEWS is RCTV won the 2016 Award for best Art and Culture Show.

Your voice counted and you voted for independent gonzo backstage party television!

RCTV is making TV great again!


Battle of the Bands Fundraising Event

The longest running and best FREE LIVE Comedy Day Celebration ever takes place right here in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park! AND we stream all 5 HOURS LIVE to Youtube right from Golden Gate Park! How do we do it? See comedy legends plus the hottest up and coming acts! PLUS our pal from the Will and Willie show WILL DURST will perform. You never know what SPECIAL GUESTS will show up! Plenty of backstage fun gets on video! Check out the archive of the live streams!!

LIVE STREAM - Comedy Day in Golden Gate Park