Code Name: Wolverine (1996)

Blessed with gorgeous location photography, this is your classic action movie. Meet Harry Gordini, former crack special-forces operative (code name: Wolverine) turned college professor. He's ten times smarter than the DEA, a hundred times smarter than any old drug cartel and devastatingly handsome to boot. It's no surprise Antonio Sabato Jr. wanted to play this dual dynamo. He accidentally comes into possession of some super dope while vacationing with his family in Sardinia. Second rate gangster Adolpho Jones (Danny Quinn) goes ballistic when his mule fails to pick up a drug-filled suitcase at the airport. Adolpho's life is on the line, since the luggage was filled with $200,000,000 worth of high-quality narcotics belonging to his uncle (Ted Roussoff). Meanwhile, the Feds, who've been monitoring the situation, assign Agent Banes (Richard Brooks) to locate the unfortunate who picked up the wrong suitcase. That turns out to be Gordini, who's mighty angry when Jones's goons interrupt his vacation and threaten his family. Harry is more than capable of protecting his wife and son from drug thugs, but also has to cope with the DEA's willingness to jeopardize Harry's loved ones in their eagerness to solicit Jones's testimony. Fans of action scuffles will be pleased to know that David Jackson keeps this movie's rough-and-tumble sequences moving at a satisfying clip.
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The Story
In 1996, Mr. Campus formed a relationship with DAY OF THE JACKAL author Frederick Forsyth and served as Executive Producer on Forsyth’s CODE NAME WOLVERINE for FOX.

CODE NAME WOLVERINE is the story of an ex-navy seal drawn into a life-threatening incident while on vacation with his family in Italy. The production stars Antonia Sabato, Jr., Danny Quinn and Richard Brooks. It garnered the highest movie of the week rating received by FOX in that year and in the three years to follow.
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Producer / Director Michael Campus
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