They Keep Writing About RCTV!



It all started in January of '91 when creator Huge and original host Moca D. Lite decided to sling on a camera and enter a video glimpse into the San Francisco underground.

Now nearly a decade later, Reality Check has taken us through a Night Gallery tour OT the rock world's culture as well as the music itself. Being host to this menagerie is Danny Shipman who joined in 1993 as an interviewer/host and moved on to be the most important link in production and editing of the show. Also on hand are Ace and Dragon Dave, who's veins have tapped the Reality Check radio program and web site.

They've also broken Bay boundaries by venturing towards the wild life in Las Vegas and behind the business approach of Foundations Forum and NAMM shows. Every major U.S. city has had local cable rock and roll video shows. They come and go mostly go, but what separates Reality Check from these is the heart and core of the show itself they care about the scene, baby! That, and they do the show for the viewers, not themselves.

With so many clubs closing down over the years it's been hard for bands to get any kind of an audience, yet Reality Check has had more bands showcased than any club will over the next year. This may be why Reality Check has earned a 1997 Cable Access Award for "Best Music and Variety Show", and the 1998 "Best Rock and Roll Video Show Award". In 1999 they earned New York Festival's Award Music Video.

A great thing about the show it its unpredictability -you just don't know what to expect. One episode can feature coverage of a comic book convention, then the next will feature the "coverage" of Bunny Ranch employees being taken off! Yes "uncensored and outrageous" is the show motto! As well as local celebrities, the show has had an A to Z list of the most famous celebrities in every form of business you can think of. You can access this impressive list and see video bits at

It's because of this diversity that we should tune in on Saturday nights (are you doing anything different?). Reality Check Radio features the best in local and national underground bands and can be tuned in on Tuesday nights from 10pm 'til 12am. Reality Check TV is on every Saturday night on channel 29, in San Francisco at 11:30pm.