Comcast/ NBC Universal - Cable Ch 29

Saturdays 10:30 PM

Total TV Households: 2,518,900

Market Rank #6


Comcast/ NBC Universal - Cable Ch 18

Saturdays 11:00 PM

Total TV Households: 791,266

Market Rank #20


KOFY TV 20 – Cable 713

TBA for 2015

Total TV Households: 6,201,202

Market Rank #6




4,082  subscribers


Youtube (2007-09)

7 million + views

5,600 subscribers


Daily Motion  

2 million + views



5 million +  views


Live Video Stream

3-Day Music Festival, Cancun Mexico

2.5 million views

Reality Check TV has over 20 million video views across the top video sharing websites. It's on the first page of Google when you search the term Reality Check. We offer brand exposure targeted to consumers that love independent music, art and entertainment. Reality Check TV is seen across all digital devices (computers, mobile devices, connected TVs and tablets). Reality Check TV is available around the world and 2 localized versions on Comcast Cable and ATT Cable. The show will be airing on broadcast television network KOFY and on Smart TVs using the Opera App.


23,774 video views

25,250 combined likes

6500 fans (Ace)


22.9K Tweets

21,250 combined likes